3 Tips For Renting A Limo For Homecoming

Homecoming, for many schools, is one of the biggest dances of the year. If you want to take a limo to homecoming, you need to start planning your big day in advance of the dance. Get Your Group Together When you want to rent a limo, you need to have a solid group together at least a month before the dance. That means you are going to need to have your friends figure out if they are going to bring a date or go solo. [Read More]

3 Party Bus Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Renting a party bus and going out on the town can be a great way to spend a summer evening. If you and your friends have decided that a party bus is in your future, make sure that you avoid the following three common party bus planning mistakes that can limit the amount of fun you'll have on your special night out. Mistake #1: Waiting to Book a Party Bus [Read More]

Planning A Corporate Convention? 4 Ways You Can Cut Costs

Company conventions are insanely expensive. Costs for the convention itself can run approximately $150,000 and that's not including accommodations or travel expenses for your employees. Considering that the average national rate for a hotel room is $137, you could end up spending even more on travel and lodging if you have a lot of employees. The cost for a convention can quickly escalate until it's more than you can reasonably cover. [Read More]

4 Tips For Transporting Guests To And From Your Event

Whether you are hosting a wedding or a large birthday party, you should always consider the transportation of your guests. If there is limited parking close to the event, you should schedule to have professional transportation services take guests to and from the event. Here are four tips for doing this: Do a Dry Run: When thinking about transportation for your guests, it's best to do a dry run at the same time and day of the week that the event is going to take place. [Read More]